022: Why musicians need to practice self-love with Sherisse Bisram

We’re joined by the lovely Sherisse Bisram in this episode of the show, and she talks about what self-love is, why it’s important for musicians to love themselves, and she shares some ways you can practice self-love as a musician.

About Our Guest

Born and bred on the outskirts of London, Sherisse grew up with a passion for the arts. Sherisse trained in Ballet from the age of 3, but her real love for dance grew at the age of 11, when she was introduced to Street Dance.

Sherisse has always been a hardworking and dedicated performer. She always gives 100% to the task in hand, this is evident to see from her 1st Class Degree in Dance from Creative Academy/ The University of West London.

Since graduating in 2012, Sherisse has continued her dance training regularly in London and has been to LA on several occasions, ensuring she is always moving with the times. Her love for dancing in Heels began in LA.

Sherisse has consistently performed on various international contracts, as well as music videos and corporate events. Sherisse has also choreographed for events and festivals.

As a result of the pandemic, Sherisse took the opportunity to complete her Masters in Dance with Creative Academy/ The University of West London. Alongside her other commitments, she currently volunteers with women’s charity AWA DANCE.

With her vast training and experiences, Sherisse is now eager to share her passion and knowledge of dance, Empowerment and confidence building techniques with as many people as she can. Sherisse believes dance is a form of therapy. She understands and knows how to get the best out of whomever she encounters, leaving them feeling seen, heard and empowered.

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