These 3 mindsets will help you improve your music promotion strategy with Pete Callaghan

In this episode of Indie Hustle, I chat with Pete Callaghan, the co-founder of self-managed, music promotion tool Promoly.

Pete also runs the Music business growth Facebook group, and is always sharing valuable content on there.

One of those articles – How to Uplevel Your Music Promotion Strategy With These 3 Mindsets – Our Guide – caught my eye, so I invited him on the show to talk about it, as having the right mindset is something I think is crucial to achieving whatever goal you set with your music career.

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About Promoly. is a really cool tool that helps labels and musicians promote their music better to their mailing list. It can do cool stuff like show you who is opening the emails you send, and who is actually listening to your music when you send it to your list. Something I know a lot of us would like to know.

Promoly was born in 2014 after getting frustrated with promoting music to email lists. At the time, Pete was running a few labels with his business partner, Kaine. They didn’t know who was opening our emails or if anyone actually listened to the music they sent them.

They had the mad idea of building their own application but didn’t know where to start. So they got in contact with a music industry friend, Mike, who they knew was a software developer and a music enthusiast. The idea was pitched, and Promoly was born.

When building Promoly, they realized other record labels had the same problem as them. They then turned Promoly into a business and started allowing other record labels to use Promoly.

Promoly is a simple concept, solving a big problem in the music industry. It’s the only platform you will need for promoting music to email lists.

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