The impact of mental health on musicians with Danielle Archer

Danielle Archer joins us in this episode of the podcast, and we talked about the meaning of mental health, how it can impact musicians personal and professional lives, and she shares some very helpful tips to help you look after your mental health in your musical journey.

About Our Guest

Danielle Archer is a multi-state licensed mental health therapist and mental wellness coach. She has over 13 years of clinical experience with areas of expertise in treating depression, stress, anxiety, grief, trauma, self-harm, disordered eating, addictions, codependency, toxic relationships and life transitions.

In addition to my (required) Master’s degree (2008), I also obtained my Doctoral degree (2014) for “fun”. She is a lifelong learner but have found throughout my career that my clients have been my best teachers. 

She has participated as a speaker and panelist at different mental health events over the years and appeared on several podcasts (The River of Calm: Beyond the MusicNow Hear This Entertainment and Unstoppable with Lequita Sharrock). 

She proudly serves on the Board of Directors for two Florida-based not-for-profit organizations: Thrive Clermont and Beyond the Booth. 

She is also the CEO of a music industry-based not-for-profit The Artist Minds.  In 2018, she started The Artist Minds, which began as an industry-focused mental health organization. In 2021, she made the decision to convert The Artist Minds to a not-for-profit, providing free wellness and referral resources to industry professionals.

The goal is to raise money through donations and merchandise sales to develop scholarships (in the amount of $1,500.00 per applicant) that can be used to obtain mental health treatment. The Minds of Music allows her to continue the work she started in 2018. 

She was born and raised in New York (Long Island) and relocated to Central Florida in January 2004. While she doesn’t miss the snow, she does miss having 4 seasons (especially fall) and she really misses eating “real” pizza, bagels, and All American (if you are from L.I., you just know). When she’s not working, she can be found hanging out with my family.

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