Artist Spotlight: Tashomi Balfour

I’m super excited about today’s episode as it’s the first artist interview that I’ve done in a while.

My guest today is a super cool and super talented artist that goes by the name Tashomi Balfour.

He’s is a UK-based Saxophonist with a very interesting style, and by interesting I mean he draws influence from Afro, Contemporary, and Fusion Jazz as well as Reggae and Soul. 

In this episode, we talk about how he got into music, how he has been able to make music his full-time gig, some of his biggest challenges and proudest moments as a musician, and much more.

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About Our Guest

Tashomi Balfour is a Saxophonist out of the UK whose style is comprised of and draws influence from Afro, Contemporary, and Fusion Jazz as well as Reggae and Soul.

He started out playing the Saxophone in Church at the age of 16 and over the years has developed his skill whilst living a life of musical expression.

He’s a resident in one of London’s finest Jazz bars and live music venues, where he pays homage to authentic Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, and Neo-Soul with his unique, raw, and cultured playing style.

His versatility paves the way for him to take his soulful sound into any genre whatever the occasion.

Connect With Our Guest

Visit Tashomi’s websiteFollow him on InstagramCheck out his music on Soundcloud

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