How To Network In The Music Industry with Stu Lambert

Networking and making connections are critical to the success of your music career. It’s who you know not what you know at the end of the day. But how do you go about it the right way?

We’re joined by Stu Lambert in this episode of sho to shed some insight on this.

About Our Guest

As a music industry mentor and coach, Stu am here to make you happier with your music activity, whatever that is. Stu guides people to win in the game of music, as a mentor and coach on music career and project development.

Stu is excited by helping music makers and enterprises get the most from music, helped by my practices in music-making, enterprise, Higher Education, research, and journalism.

It’s important to Stu that people are confident, that he understands what they are experiencing and how they are feeling about it. My varied musical past helps here. I’ve played different kinds of instruments, composed, toured in the UK and Europe, and recorded albums.

Stu had the creative blocks and the exhaustion and of course, had the thrills of a packed show and a great record review. I know what music makers are aiming for and what it takes to make the journey.

Stu promoted live shows, booked festival stages, and worked at festivals.

Being a music academic, Stu regularly meets lots of music people – up to 300 a year – and they are a diverse bunch, from divas to geeks and all points between, different cultures, tastes, and styles. He stays in touch with how young music practitioners live and work – and they are such creative, committed, and inspiring people.

So Stu is here to be a knowledgeable sounding board, a source of experience and information, and a resourceful and cheerful companion on your journey.

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