Lyric video production

Our lyric video designers will work hands-on with you to develop the perfect lyric video for your hot single.

Uno Pack

Choose one of our basic lyric video design that comes with animated lyrics and backgrounds. We can also design around your cover art, a picture, or on top of a motion video, and integrate your website and social media handles for your single.

Deux Pack

With the Deux pack you choose one of our lyric video styles and our social media promo pack that comes with a 30-second promo video for Instagram and a Youtube thumbnail.

TreŚ Pack

TreŚ pack comes with a lyric video, our social media promo pack and our advertising pack, where we help you promote your lyric video with Youtube Ads.


Yes! We do. Our team creates lyric videos for all genres of music.

You’ll need the artist name, song title, a link to the audio of your song, a lyric sheet for the song, and a professional image of yourself.

You can expect to have your video ready in 5 – 7 days.

Our goal is to create a video that you’re 100% satisfied with, that is why we get you to choose a style that works for your song and create a 10-second sample first, and only progress if you’re happy with it.

It’s completely up to you how much you want to spend on promoting your song. You give us a budget and we’ll make sure we never go above that.

Absolutely! Refer us to a friend and if they become a customer, we’ll give you a $50 credit for your next video with us.

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