How musicians can cope with burnout with Monica Strut

Burnout is a form of exhaustion caused by constantly feeling swamped and for many musicians, it can be a career killer if not managed properly.

But how do you prevent it, and if you’re feeling burnt out, cope with it? Monica Strut joins us on the show to talk about just that.

About Our Guest

Monica is a musician, heavy music fiend, and “former” Myspace kid from Melbourne, Australia.  After working for years as a musician, music journalist (most recently the editor of Warner Music’s Maniacs Magazine), and digital marketer, she now helps emerging bands and music industry pros reach the next level in their career.

Through her podcast, Being in a Band, coaching services, and online courses you can find educational content that will help you not only with your business strategy, but your mindset around being successful in the music industry. 

When not helping other musicians kick their goals she is writing, recording, and playing in her own rock/metal band, The Last Martyr.

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