We’ll help you promote your song so that you reach more of your ideal fans with your music.


Step 1: We Plan

We’ll work with you to come up with a plan that shows you how you can reach more of your target audience with your music.

Step 2: We Create

After the plan has been finalized, our production team will create high-quality lyric video for your song.

Step 3: You Approve

Once the lyric video has been created, we’ll send it over to you for approval so that we only create something that you’re happy with.

Step 4: We Post

After the video has been approved, our team will post it on your Youtube channel, optimizing it for the Youtube algorithm.

Step 5: We Promote

Next, we’ll promote your video with Youtube advertising so that we reach as many of your target audience, and attract them to your brand.

Step 6: We Report

Finally, after the campaign we’ll send you a report so that you know how well your video performed.


When I joined the Tunecreators club, I was given a free lyric video.

The team at Tunecreators did an awesome job delivering me a high-quality lyric video in a super fast delivery time.

I was so happy with the results and would highly recommend other artists to be a part of their membership site. Very satisfied.

Ryan RamirezSinger/songwriter

I just released my song, The Lotto and I needed a lyric video to promote it.

As part of my membership of the Tunecreators club, I was given a free lyric video which was amazing.

I’d totally recommend this club to other musicians as well

Osana ADRapper/songwriter

I got a free lyric video when I signed up for the Tunecreators club, which was awesome as I needed a video to promote my new single.

Also, the social media content ideas I get every month are amazing.





  • Action plan
  • 3 target audience
  • 1 Lyric video
  • Upload to Youtube
  • $50 Ad spend



  • Action plan
  • 3 target audience
  • 1 Lyric video
  • Upload to Youtube
  • Instagram Clips
  • $100 Ad spend



  • Action plan
  • 3 target audience
  • 1 Lyric video
  • Instagram Clips
  • $150 Ad spend


Yes! We do. Our team creates lyric videos for all genres of music.

You’ll need the artist name, song title, a link to the audio of your song, a lyric sheet for the song, and a professional image of yourself.

You can expect to have your video ready in 5 – 7 days.

Our goal is to create a video that you’re 100% satisfied with, that is why we get you to choose a style that works for your song and create a 10-second sample first, and only progress if you’re happy with it.

It’s completely up to you how much you want to spend on promoting your song. You give us a budget and we’ll make sure we never go above that.

Absolutely! Refer us to a friend and if they become a customer, we’ll give you a $50 credit for your next video with us.