Turning social media into a profitable digital brand with Isabella Bedoya

Isabella Bedoya joins us on the podcast and talks about what a profitable digital brand is, and why it’s important to have one as a musician, and she shares some tips on how to use social media to develop your own profitable digital brand.

About Our Guest

Isabella Bedoya, founder of Fame Hackers, an artist accelerator that helps independent artists establish profitable and sustainable music careers so they can get paid doing what they love.

After working as an A&R for a label under Sony Music, Isabella uses industry experience coupled with cutting-edge strategies to help musicians monetize their music careers, attract their loyal fan base, and reach the levels of success they desire.

During her time as an A&R she discovered that as long as an artist knows social media marketing and e-commerce strategies, they can create wildly profitable careers without signing record deals.

Shortly after, Isabella set off to learn digital marketing and invested close to six-figures in coaches and consultants to accelerate her knowledge and her growth.

In the meantime, she worked for an award-winning influencer marketing agency where she had the opportunity to work with multiple Fortune 500 brands including but not limited to Snap, Google, Bud Light, United Healthcare, and more. She also managed two TikTok accounts for Sony Music LATAM, and so much more!

Isabella has worked with many celebrities, influencers, and award-winning industry professionals over the past 6+ years, and has also helped independent artists become viral sensations.

Isabella has been invited to speak at the Musicians Institute, BoldTV, Ticker News, iHeartRadio, NBC, KCAA Radio, Beat The Clock Podcast, and published on Medium, Thrive Global, and many more!

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