How To Structure Your Youtube Videos

Are you wondering how to make good videos for your youtube channel as easily and as effectively as possible?

To do so you’re going to need a good video structure for your videos.

In this post, I’m going to cover a simple video structure that you can use to boost watch time, grow your subscribers and create your videos much faster. 

What is video structure?

A good Youtube video should be divided into different sections, and how you arrange these sections of your video is what is referred to as video structure.

Ideally, you want to structure your videos in a way that helps keeps your viewers engaged, increases your watch time, subscribers, and ultimately, helps you make more money.

My 5 part Youtube video structure for artists

This particular video structure that I’m going to share with you is one that I’ve developed specifically for artists, and it’s made up of 5 different sections:

  1. The Hook
  2. The Intro
  3. The Content
  4. The bonus
  5. The Call to action

Now, let’s dive into what each of these sections means so that you understand why it’s important to structure your videos this way.

Youtube Video Structure

1. The Hook

The first section of this video structure is the hook and it’s used to do two things.

Firstly, you want to use your hook to let the viewer know that they are on the right video and that it’s going to give them what the video title promised.

You know, that your video isn’t clickbait.

Secondly, you want to use the hook to give your viewer a reason to watch the video to the end, and you can do this by promising to give them something related to the video that they would love to have.

For example, let’s say you created a video about 5 things you didn’t know about J Cole, your hook could look like this: 

In this video, I’m going to talk about 5 things you didn’t know about J Cole and if you stick around to the end, I’ll show you how to get your hands on a secret track that not many J Cole fans know about.

As you can see, this hook tells the viewer exactly what the video is about, and because it promises to share a secret track, they are likely to watch the video to the end which will increase your watch time.

Length: You want your hook to be short and straight to the point, so it shouldn’t be any more than 30 seconds long.  

2. The Intro

This section of your videos is made up of two parts.

The first part is used to introduce you and your brand to new viewers and remind returning ones of who you are.

Which is great for building trust with your fans.

While the second part is used to talk about why you decided to make the video in the first place – super important.

Sticking to our J Cole example, your intro for this video could look something like this:

Hey, it’s Osana here from Fancradle music where we’re making classic rap the new cool. If you’re new to this channel, make sure you click that subscribe button, as I make videos like this once a week. 

So let’s jump into it

J Cole is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer, and is regarded as one of the most influential rappers of his generation. 

And to celebrate the release of his new project, Off-Season, I decided to share with you 5 things you probably didn’t know about him.

Ready? Let’s do this…

Length: Your intro shouldn’t be any more than a minute long.  

3. The Body

The third section of this video structure is the body and it’s used to deliver the main content of the video.

And there are a couple of ways you can deliver the content of your videos.

My favorite is to create a list of things about a particular topic that might be of interest to your fans.

These types of videos are easy for viewers to follow and make it easier for them to stick around and keep watching to the end.

They are also easier to create as well.

Our J Cole video is a great example of this. In it, the artist goes through 5 different things about J Cole that his fans are unlikely to know about.

Length: You don’t want your videos to be too long, so ideally the body should be somewhere between 3 – 5 minutes long.  

4. The Bonus

The fourth section of this video structure is the bonus section, and it used to give the viewer what you promised in the hook section.

The main reason for having a bonus section is to give the viewer a reason to watch your video to the end of it, as this will help you increase your watch time, which makes the Youtube algorithm recommend it to more people and is great for ranking your videos in search as well.

Now, you may not have a bonus item to share in all your videos, so what you could do is use this section to simply summarize the video by quickly going through all the points in your list.

Using our J Cole example, it’s in this section that you’ll share a link to the secret track that not all his fans know about.

Length: The bonus section should be between 1 – 2 minutes long.  

5. The Call to Action

The final section of this video structure is the call to action section, and this is used to tell the viewer what to do after they’ve watched your video.

This could be anything from

  • To give your video a thumbs up
  • Subscribe to your channel
  • Click a link to another video

The call to action section could also be used to promote something you’re selling, like inviting the viewer to

  • Check out the new merch
  • Try your membership site for a month
  • Or, sign up to your mailing list and get a discount coupon to your store

Length: The Call to Action section should be no more than 1 minute long.  

Got a question about Youtube and how it can help you do music full-time?

Why not book a chat with me. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have and could talk about Youtubing all day.

Look forward to chatting with you.

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