How to get your music heard

In a previous video, I talked about the why you might be struggling to get people to listen to your music, and one of the things I touched on was how people subconsciously ask themselves what is in it for me, whenever you ask them to listen to your song, and if you can’t answer that question, then you’re gonna have a had time getting that person to listen to your song.

You should definitely check out that video, as what I talk about in this one will make a lot more sense to you after you’ve seen that one.

Creating a special bond with fans

So a couple of years ago, I was in the studio working on a track with an artist and while we were at it, I asked him how he was gonna promote the track and he told me that the first thing he was gonna do was to send it to his sister so that she could share it with her friends.

And I was curious about this answer and asked him why his sister, and he started telling me how she was his biggest fan and supporter, and how she was always the first one to share his music with her friends, like and comment on his social media posts and even go as far as lending him money for studio time when he didn’t have enough.

Now I found this super interesting and wanted to understand why she was doing all this for him, and it turned out that he and his sister were very very close and always looked out for each other.

And what I found even more interesting was that he had other sisters, but none of them went as far as this particular one did for him. 

They had this very special bond between them that they would support whatever each other, unconditionally. 

They supported each other unconditionally

And it’s not just him, we all have people in our lives who we care about so much that if they ever asked us for a favor we’d do it for them, no questions asked.

I only fully understood this concept when I started marketing my own business and learning about branding and how to create brand loyalty with your customers,

And that’s what you want to do as a musician, you want to create that emotional connection between you and your fans so that every time you ask them for a small favor like listen to your song, share your music video with their friends or even crowdfund your next single, that question of what’s in it for me doesn’t even come up and they do it without hesitation.

So how can you pull this off? How do you create this special bond with your fans

In my experience, there are two highly effective ways to do this, and they are:

1. Share your story with them.

You see, as humans, the more we know about someone, the more connected we are to that person.

This is why, you never want to be a stranger to your fans, because fans are human and humans tend not to care about what happens to strangers.

Take the news, for example, there’s always some report about some tragic incident, like a bomb blast or an earthquake.

Although you might feel some type of way about those people at the time, give that a couple of hours later and you probably won’t care as much. You’ve moved on to something else

So what you could do is document your progress in the industry, sharing your challenges and your wins with your fans, and the more you do this, the more emotionally attached they get to you. 

Now, I know that some artists might be uncomfortable with doing this, as it means putting out your dirty laundry in public, and this is understandable. Which brings me to the second way to create that emotional connection and that is 

2. showing them that you care about the same things they care about. 

Have you ever heard the saying birds of the same feather flock together? That’s what this one is all about

Again, it comes down to human nature as well.

If I see that you care about the same thing that I care about, we’re very likely to get along well, but if we have nothing in common, then there’s gonna be a lot of friction between us.

So what you want to do is show your fans, how passionate you are about something, and it could be a person, place, thing, ideology whatever. the more you do this, the deeper your bond gets with them.

I’ll give you an example, let’s say you were a vegan, and you continuously made videos that showed how passionate you are about veganism, soon enough your message will get to other vegan other vegans would start following you 

Over to you!

Now I hope I’m making sense here, but as always, I’d love to know what you think. So feel free to sound off in the comments below.

In my next video, I’m gonna do exactly that. I’ll show you exactly how to do and how to do it at scale so that more people can care about you and your music like that guy’s sister does. 

Until then, feel free to check out my other videos, I talk about everything from how to build a fanbase that actually spends money on you to how to get sponsorships and brand deals even if you don’t have a massive following.

And if you know any musician who is struggling to get their music heard, then feel free to share this video with them. I have a feeling that you’re gonna be their new BFF and you’ll probably get a free VIP ticket to their concerts when they do blow up.

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