How To A build A Tribe For Your Music Brand With Sam Hudson

My good friend, Sam Hudson joins me on the show and we talk about concept of tribes as a music marketing strategy.

Sam’s also a digital marketing strategist and someone that I’m always bouncing ideas off of. And in one of our chats, he talked about how business build tribes around their brands and how musicians could do the same – something I’m a big fan of too.

it was such a great convoc, that I felt more musicians needed to hear about this. So I invited him on the show to talk about and boy did he deliver.

In this episode, we talk about

  • The concept of tribes as a music marketing strategy
  • What they are, and how they differ from a fanbase
  • The benefits of building a tribe for your music brand.
  • Practical ways that you could  build a tribe for your music brand.

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