How Musicians can be healed by the power of nature with Liz Barker

We’re joined by Liz Barker this week, and we talked about the difference between physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, why it’s important to understand these differences, and she dives deeper into how the power of nature can health us when we’re ill.

About Our Guest

Liz Barker is a personal trainer, professional boxer, coach and founder of Founder of Living. She grew up on adventures, sport,s and the great outdoors. She has been a personal trainer and coach for 18 years and has studied eco-psychology and psychodynamic counseling.

After spending over 15 years in London managing for big brands like GYMBOX, co-owning her own gym The Foundry, and coaching entrepreneurs and business leaders she found herself surrounded by people who were frustrated, stressed, and unhappy.

She started Fit for Living originally to share my passions in the life of fitness and the great outdoors, always knowing its transformational powers. A few years on after deepening into her own personal journey of exploring spiritual practices and studying eco-psychology, she now offers a fully holistic coaching programme for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Using the therapeutic benefits of nature to help you reach your human potential and live a life you love. Whether you join a coaching programme or a retreat, it’s our mission to positively improve your life.

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2 thoughts on “How Musicians can be healed by the power of nature with Liz Barker

  • Liz

    Thanks for having me on guys!

    • Xavi

      It was great having you on Liz! You rock!


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