How stress can affect musicians’ health with Richard Brook

We’re joined by Richard Brook this week, and we talked about what stress is, how it can stress affect our health negatively, and some signs or symptoms of stress, and he shares some really cool tips on how you can cope with stress.

About Our Guest

When people work with Richard it changes their life. Whether it’s a seed for future growth, a drop in a vast ocean of experiences which that person has around them, or the tidal wave of change that clears the path for the person to thrive across the spectrum of body, mind, and spirit – something happens!

It took Richard a long time to be able to recognize who he is, and what he’s got to offer the world but he’s seen it enough now over the last 20 years or so of my professional life to appreciate he has a talent, a gift and to be proud to use it. 

Seeing this in myself enables me to see the potential in others, and to help them find it themselves. Whether it’s through one-to-one treatments and coaching, a yoga class that blows your mind through its powerful simplicity, or words that educate, he listens and answers your call!

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