023: How musicians can overcome imposter syndrome with Denise Chester

We’re joined by the lovely Denise Chester in this episode of the show, and she talks about what Imposter syndrome is, some of the ways it can show up in people, and she shares some tips that can help manage and overcome Imposter syndrome.

About Our Guest

I’m a female entrepreneur who has struggled with low self-confidence, self-esteem and self belief for much of my life. I know how it feels to live with self doubt, and the voice in my head that tells me I’m not good enough and I’ll never be truly successful.

I’ve been so scared of rejection that I kept quiet when I wanted to speak and I’ve avoided talking about myself and my business even though I knew it was losing me clients and income.

I learnt strategies to hide it, to push through and appear confident and at ease. But it was all a mask, everything felt awkward, and it was exhausting.

Then I found coaching, and experienced its transformative power. I completely reset the way I thought about, spoke to and treated myself. I learnt how to build trust in myself and my abilities, and started to believe that I had a right to be at the table and contribute to the world. I realised that I could be just like the women I admire and that it was only me who stood in the way!

I want to help other women experience the same transformation I did. To build up their self confidence and trust, so they can reach out and talk about their business with joy to get more clients and increase their income easily. So they can build the life they want to live and be the woman they always wanted to be.

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