How musicians can fit quality exercise into a busy life with Jonathan Baylor

We’re joined by Jonathan Baylor this week, and we talked about the meaning of Primordial strength training, and why it’s important to understand this, and he shares some ways musicians can fit quality exercise into a busy life.

About Our Guest

Jonathan Baylor is the Founder of Finns Strength Academy and Home Bodies Workouts. Since 2006 he has been working with clients to improve their health and meet their fitness goals both at the gym and from home. He finds honesty, creativity, education, and dedication to be the most valuable qualities for success in coaching clients and helping them meet their goals.

He went on to receive a degree in Exercise Science and Wellness, to help him better understand the human body and how to better help his clients. In the following years, he worked in many different exercise and rehabilitation facilities, to experience and learn as much as he could.

Now Jonathan shared his knowledge and experience through his books and online programs.

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