Creating a new music discovery platform with Mark Dale

Mark Dale, founder, and director of Go To Hear is on this episode of Indie Hustle. We talk about his new music discovery, download and streaming platform that has an inbuilt promotions mechanism designed to make marketing your music to your fans easy.

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About Mark

Mark has 30+ years of experience working within the events, hospitality and music industry. During this time, he has connected with a range of industry contacts and has been involved in the setting up and running of successful music festivals.

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His expertise ranges from event and music event planning, venue construction, and operations management, through to live event marketing and promotions. He is an innovator and explorer of new ideas with experience and connections in the field of affiliate and other marketing.

What we talk about:

  • How he got into entrepreneurship.
  • How Go To Hear was formed.
  • What is Go To Hear?
  • How they got the name “Go To Hear”
  • What’s next for him.

Resources mentioned:

Louchie Lou & Michie One | Rich Girl (Original)

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Mark website Go To Hear

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