One of the most common questions that I get asked by artists looking to start a podcast is what's the best podcast equipment to use to host a podcast. 

I typically get questions like “what microphone do you use?” “What’s the name of the headphones that you used in that video?” or “how do you get your videos to look so bright?”.

best podcast equipment

So, I decided to make a list of the best podcast equipment and tools I regularly use for the Tune Creators podcast, as well as some other great ones that will help make your podcast episodes look great and sound professional. 

Disclosure: please bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a small commission.

Best Podcast Camera.

The first bit of kit I use is a video camera. 

These days, you can get away with using your smartphone camera to record, as the quality of the cameras in some of these things is excellent.

However, if you want to take your videos to the next level, then I recommend you get a DSLR camera.

And these come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, and choosing the right one can be super frustrating, 

So what I’ve done is make a list of 4 of my favorite DSLR cameras that you can use to record your podcast and do other stuff with like streaming and taking still images.

You can’t go wrong with any of these.

Best DSLR Camera for Podcasting

Best Podcast Equipment Bundles.

With so many microphones, headphones, audio interfaces to choose from, picking the right equipment for your show can be quite challenging and frustrating - especially if you're a newbie podcaster and have never bought any professional recording equipment before.

Thankfully, podcast equipment manufacturers have realized this, and some have started creating bundles that simplify the process for newbies, and even for us seasoned professionals as well.

So if you’re new to the world of podcasting, I’ve made a list of the available podcast equipment bundles, and recommend you pick one of these to start with. It will save you a lot of time and HEADACHES.

But what if these bundles just don't cut it? 

Don't worry, I've got your back!

If you’re a more advanced and are not happy with the bundles above, or you'd just like to put together your podcasting kit by yourself, then I’ve put a list of all the podcasting equipment you’ll need below.

Starting with microphones.

Best Podcast Microphones.

Microphones are one of the best podcast equipment you can get for your show.

For me, a great microphone is the most important podcast equipment you’ll need, as sound quality is super important when it comes to podcasting. 

Nothing screams "amateur podcast" or “please don’t take me seriously”, than a podcast episode recorded with a crappy microphone.

Furthermore, bad audio is the number way to lose your listeners or make them not want to subscribe to your podcast in the first place.

Here's my list of microphones to choose from, starting with budget-friendly ones to super professional.

Best Podcast Microphone Stands.

After buying a microphone for your podcast, you're going to need a stand to hold it in place. Below is a list of 3 really grate mic stands that you can use to mount your microphone either on its own or to your office desk.

Best Podcast Pop Filter.

A pop filter, or windshield, is that round (sometimes square or rectangle) thing that is typically placed in front of a microphone during a recording session.

A pop filter serves 2 purposes.

The main one is to eliminate ‘popping’ noises when you speak into the microphone.

Whenever we say words that have ‘plosives’, words that have “B” or “P” in them, the sudden air pressure would cause the microphone to overload and make your recording sound bad.

Same thing happens when someone laughs into the microphone. Using a pop filter reduces this. 

The second purpose of a pop filter is to prevent the saliva from going into the microphone and making it smell bad or worse, damaging it.

Best Podcast Headphones.

The next item on my list of best podcast equipment is a great per of headphones. 

Using headphones while you record your interviews helps improve the audio quality of your podcast episodes

The great thing about headphones is that any decent set will do, even the ones that come with your smartphone. 

You know, those white ones.

If you don’t have a good pair or just want to upgrade your gear, then here are some headphones to choose from.

Best Podcast Audio Interface.

One great thing about USB microphones is that they can easily be connected directly to your computer. However, there are a lot of microphones out there that don’t come with a USB connector. 

To use these microphones with your computer, you’ll need to add an audio interface to your podcast equipment kit.

An audio interface is a piece of hardware that expands and improves the sonic capabilities of your computer. Audio interfaces typically come with all sorts of connectors, like XLR, that gives you the ability to connect professional microphones, instruments and other kinds of signals to your computer. 

You can also connect external speakers and headphones to your audio interface.

Best Podcast Audio Editing Software

Once you’re done recording your podcast, you’ll want to edit out any errors you might have made or add in your podcast Intro, Outro or any sponsored messages you might have. 

To do this, you’ll need an audio editing software, or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Again, there are tons of options to choose from, and picking the right one will depend on a couple of things, like whether you're a Mac or Windows user for instance.

Here are a list of DAWs that you can use to edit your podcast episodes with:

Wrap up

Now, these are just some of the podcasting equipment that you need to get started. You can really go crazy and kit up your studio to the max.

There are also some tools that you’ll need to host your podcast as well, and over time, I’ll be updating this blog post with new and interesting gear and tools that I come across. 

So do check back from time to time, or if you prefer to be updated when I do then sign up to my mailing list and I’ll shoot you an email when I do.

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