Artist Spotlight: Osana AD

This week, I sit down with Osana AD, an artist with his own brand of music called AfroPunk.

Besides being a super talented artist, Osana is also a client of mine and I’m currently helping him implement the premium fan club model for his music brand. So I’m super excited to see what we can achieve in the days ahead.

In this episode, we talk about how Osana got started in his music career, what AfroPunk is, what he’s doing to stand out as an artist, and he shares a super helpful tip at the end that will help you be a much more rounded and satisfied musician.

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About Our Guest

Osana AD is a Nigerian Born Artist/Producer, and founder of FanCradle. He grew up listening to popular music and on his move to the Uk has derived a sound just a little bit different to the very pop music he was raised on.

Fusing afrobeat sounds from Nigeria, Dancehall, Gospel & discussing cultural themes of young adulthood.

The last 24 years of unique popular music built a marriage of sounds that’s unlike anything you’ve heard before. Fusing sounds from Fela Kuti, Michael Jackson & rapping stylistically like Nas, FanCradle Music crafts a new sound for the culture.

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