Artist Spotlight: Lilo

Today’s episode of the Tune Creators podcast is a special one, and it’s special because I feature our first female artist on the show. 

Her name is Lilo and she’s an upcoming artist based in London.

Lilo and I had a super interesting and totally enjoyable convo on the show. In this episode, we talk about how she got started in music, why she moved to London, and she tells us more about her upcoming E.P and so much more.

About Lilo

Lilo is a 20-year-old singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist based in London. She’s currently working on her debut EP with a producer which she’s super excited about.

As an artist, Lilo is happiest when she is writing songs, practicing her instruments, and gigging!

She’s aiming high and willing to work very hard to get where she wants to be in her music career.

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