Artist Spotlight: Garth Prince

In today’s episode, I chat with Garth Prince, a singer based in Canada and one of the most interesting artists that I’ve had on the show so far.

What I find really interesting about Garth is that he’s not your typical recording artist, and altho he started out as one, he has taken a very different path with his music career.

He’s built a music business with a very unique model, that involves performing concerts and teaching workshops at schools and conferences across Canada.

What’s even cooler about this is that he now makes enough money from this business that he does it full time – something a lot of artists would love to achieve.

On the show, Garth talks about his unique music business, how he got into it, and shares one of the best practical tips that I’ve ever received at the end.

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About Garth Prince

Garth Prince is a vocal performer with years of experience in promoting African culture and community building through song, dance and instruments.

He performs concerts and teaches workshops at schools and conferences across Canada, and encourages cultural diversity in an environment of work and play that appeals to students of all ages and abilities.


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