Artist Spotlight: Asha Elia

In today’s episode, I chat with Asha Elia, an upcoming contemporary RnB Gospel singer based in East London. 

Asha just released her new single, Nights Like This. It’s a really cool track, with an Afrobeats and soul vibe to it, and it’s one of those tracks that make you want to dance whenever you listen to it. 

Nights Like This is the first single off her upcoming EP, and on the show, we talk about what inspired the track, how she writes her songs, some of the challenges she went through in recording the song and the E.P, and how she overcame them.

At the end of our chat, she gave an awesome tip that can help you grow your network as an artist.   

As always, I know you’re gonna love this episode, so without further ado, let’s dive into it.

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About Asha Elia

Asha Elia is an emerging contemporary R&B, Gospel singer based in East London. Currently working on her upcoming EP, Asha just released her new single called Nights Like This.


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