Hey there, I'm Xavi!

I teach aspiring singers how to make a regular income with their Youtube channels.

I've developed a simple 5-step strategy that any singer can use to do this, I call it the Youtube Cover Strategy.

Through the TuneCreators brand, I teach singers all about this strategy and show them how to use it to make a regular side income with their Youtube channels and hopefully, make enough to do music full-time. 

My Story

I’ve been producing and engineering music for over 10 years, and in that time, I’ve worked with so many super talented singers who dream of doing music full-time.

Sadly, very few of them, if any at all, achieve this dream. 

Most of the singers I worked with either end up stuck at a job they don’t like, doing music as a hobby or give up on their musical dream entirely.

There was one particular singer whose story broke my heart.

During one of our recording sessions, I asked her how the music was going and the look on her face told me all I needed to know.

It was a look of deep sadness. 

She told me that she wasn’t making as much progress as she’d like and that everything she was trying at the time wasn’t working. 

She told me how she stays up at night sometimes, crying because of this, and was thinking of giving up on the music and focusing on her job, as she wasn’t getting any younger. 

At the time, I was worried she was gonna start crying right there in the studio but thankfully she didn’t.

Her story made me so depressed that I decided to do something about it. 

So a couple of years ago, I made it my mission to figure out a way for aspiring singers to make enough money from their music to do it full time.

To do this, I knew I had to understand WHY singers are struggling in the first place.

And after years of researching this problem and speaking with a lot of music industry professionals, I’m happy to say that I’ve figured this out.

The Problem:

Most singers are using a strategy that is difficult to succeed with to push their music.

It typical looks something like this:

Step 1: Write your song

Step 2: Produce your song

Step 3: Promote your song using a lot of trial and error

Step 4: Build a fan base

Step 5: Sell stuff to your fan base

What’s the problem with this strategy?

This strategy is used by major labels to push their artists and it seems that a lot of indies just copy that.

Big mistake. Never copy what the majors do. 

Using this strategy only works if you

  1. Have a well-known brand and/or an existing fan base, which most new artists don't.
  2. Have a LOT of resources at your disposal to push your original music - again, most new artists don't have this. Most are operating on very limited resources.
  3. You’re very lucky and one of your songs goes viral - this one is totally out of your control.

I believe this strategy is the number one reason why there's such a high failure rate in the music industry.

And if you're using this to push your music business, you're going to be in whole world of hurt.

There has to be a better way.

What aspiring singers need is a different strategy, one that doesn’t require a lot of money and places your success in your own hands.

The Solution:

I’m happy to say that I have developed such a strategy, and I call it the Youtube Cover Strategy.

It’s a simple 5-step strategy and something that I put together after years of studying the music game, studying Youtubers that are killing it with their channels, and running my own podcast production business for 5 years.

Here's how it work

Step 1: Create a plan

Step 2: Optimize your youtube channel

Step 3: Produce your cover videos

Step 4: Look for subscribers

Step 5: Turn subscribers into buyers

Simple right?

What I love the most about the Youtube Cover Strategy is that you don’t need a large number of Youtube subscribers to make a decent monthly income with your channel.

All you’d only need is a couple of paying subscribers and you’d be making a decent income every month.

Also, you can make the type of music you want, no need to “conform” or “sell your soul” to a record label.

I’m excited about this strategy and will be teaching aspiring singers all about it and how to use it to make a regular income with their Youtube Channels.

My goal is to help as many aspiring singers as I can use this strategy to achieve their dream of doing music full-time.

What Next?

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