Hey there, I'm Xavi!

I help independent musicians turn strangers into customers through Youtube so that they can make enough money to do music fulltime. 

My Story

I’ve been producing and engineering music for over 15 years, and in that time, I’ve worked with so many super talented singers who dream of doing music full time.

Sadly, very few of them get to achieve this dream.

Most end up stuck at a job they don’t like, doing music as a hobby, or just give up on their dream entirely.

After getting tired of hearing story after story of artists struggling to make any meaningful amount of money with their music, I decided to do something about it.

So in 2013, I made it my mission to figure out a way for independent singers to make enough money from their music without needing a hit record or signing to a label.

I knew that to figure this out, I had to understand why indie artists were struggling in the first place.

The Problem:

After years of speaking to so many artists, industry insiders, and experts, I figured out what the fundamental problem was.

The typical way new artists try to build their careers is flawed.

What indies tend to do is:

  1. Produce original music
  2. Try to build a fanbase with it
  3. Hope to monetize that fanbase through streams, record sales, merch, and so on.

But like I said, this strategy is flawed because building a fanbase with your original music is really difficult because:

  1. Getting people to listen to music from an unknown artist is super difficult.
  2. You’ll need to release new music consistently to gain any traction. At least, one song a week in today’s world.
  3. Also, you will need a lot of money to market your music for this strategy to work. Money that most indies don’t have.

The reality is that most independent artists that use this strategy are very unlikely to achieve their dream of doing music full-time.

The Solution:

Thankfully, there’s a better and more reliable way for indie artists to build and monetize a fanbase, and that way is through podcasting.

Yes, podcasting.

With a podcast, building a loyal fanbase is much easier and straightforward as all you do is create content that attracts the type of people that would love your music.

And when you have their attention, you can then monetise them through streams, merch, concert tickets and soon.

So your marketing strategy now becomes as simple as this:

  1. Start a podcast
  2. Use it to build a fanbase of people that like your music
  3. Sell stuff to that fanbase

And the best thing about podcasting is that you don't need to  have a hit record or sign your life away to a record label.

I'm a huge fan of using podcast to build and monetize a fanbase and through the TuneCreators brand, I teach independent singers all about it.

My hope is that I can help as many singers as I can make enough money from their sites to hopefully, do music as their full-time gig. 

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