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About The Tunecreators Podcast

Hi, I’m Xavi, I’m the host of the Tunecreators podcast.

During the lockdown of 2020, I interviewed over 30 super talented, independent musicians on our Artist Spotlight series, and I discovered that all of my guests wanted to become full-time musicians, but they weren’t so sure how to go about it.

Most were simply operating on a trial and error basis, hoping that something they were trying out would work and their career takes off from there.

Unfortunately, this is not the best way to go about pushing a music career or any other career for that matter. Artists need a more reliable strategy than luck.

And that’s why I started the Tunecreators podcast.

My goal for this podcast

My goal for this podcast is to figure out what it takes to become a full-time musician and share that with you.

I do this by interviewing experts in the music industry and artists that are doing music full-time.

My hope is that these interviews will provide you with valuable tips and strategies that will help you navigate the crazy world that is the music industry, and help put you on a clearer path to becoming a full-time musician.

So if you’re a musician and would love to make music your full-time gig, then do go ahead and subscribe to the podcast, so that you don’t miss our episodes.

We publish new episodes every Monday at 8am.

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