5 reasons why Youtube is better than Instagram or Tik Tok for marketing your music

For me, Youtube is the best platform for artists to build their fanbase, and I’d recommend it over Tik Tok, Instagram, or even Facebook.

And there are 5 key reasons why I say so and in this video, I’m going to share them with you.

1. YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly users

Over 2 billion people use Youtube every month, and a lot of those are music fans who use it to listen to and more importantly discover new music.

So you’re definitely going to find all the fans you need on here.

In fact, if you can’t find your people on Youtube, you’re not going to be able to find them on any platform.

2. Youtube has an excellent advertising platform.

One of the best things about youtube is that it’s got an excellent advertising platform, and with it you can place your videos in front of thousands, if not millions of your ideal fans pretty quickly and without breaking the bank.

In fact, you can start promoting your videos for as little as $1 a day. Which is insane.

You also get access to an insane amount of data to help you understand what type of videos resonate with your fans and what type of videos to create for 

3. You can make money with your Youtube videos. 

At the time of creating this video, Youtube is the only big platform that shares Advertising revenue with its creators.

Meaning that if you qualify for the Youtube partner program, you can make money with the videos you create for your Youtube channel.

And plenty of YouTubers make a full-time income from the money they make with their channels and you can do the same as well.

4. You can share links under your Youtube videos

Another thing I love about Youtube is that you can share relevant links with your fans in every video you create, unlike Instagram or Tik Tok which only allow you to share only one link in your bio.

This increases your earning potential as you can promo something on your videos and then share the link to it in the description, and anytime someone watches the video, the link is always there.

5. Youtube has great monetization features

There are so many features on Youtube that make it easier for creators to make money. From channel Super Chats, Merch Shelf, to Channel memberships, you can easily convert subscribers of your channel into customers of your music business and make a lot of money.

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