6 Reasons Why New Singers Should Be Doing Covers

In my last article, I talked about why pushing your original music is not the most effective way for new singers to build a fan base for their music.

I also talked a bit about how a better strategy would be to record covers of popular songs and in this post, I’m going to talk about 6 reasons why every new singer should be doing covers. 

1. People love covers

And they are actively searching for them.

Just check out the view count on these covers on Youtube.

That’s a LOT of views!

I’m willing to bet that the singers covering these songs would never be able to hit those numbers with their original songs in a hundred years.

However, they are able to do so with covers.

Why? Simple.

Record labels have spent millions of dollars promoting these songs and making sure that millions of people, including yourself, know and love them.

So why not use that to your advantage. Ride the wave so to speak

2. Recording covers can help you build your music brand

As a new singer, nobody knows who you are so you’re going to struggle with a lot of things, one of those being getting people to listen to your music.

So it’s important to build a brand that fans recognize and love.

Your brand is also what will differentiate you from the millions of singers out there and make fans fully support you and your music.

The best way to build a brand online is by producing high-quality content regularly.

This is where covering popular songs can come to your rescue.

It’s so much easier to cover a new song every week than to produce an original track at the same pace.

3. Recording covers can help you develop your sound

When you’re just starting out on your musical journey, you’re still developing your sound, your image, your style – all these are part of your brand.

In order to develop a brand that is truly yours, you’re going to need a lot of practice.

Doing one cover a week is a great way to get that practice.

Especially if you do a lot of experimenting with your covers. You could try out different singing styles, melodies, and techniques and develop a brand that’s unique and differentiates you from all other singers out there.

4. Recording covers can help you improve your songwriting skills

Just as covering popular songs can help you develop your sound, they can also help you improve your songwriting skills as well.

Especially if you switch your covers up and come up with new lyrics for the songs you cover.

And the better you get at songwriting, the better your original songs will be.

5. Recording covers can help you build a fanbase that you can monetize

It’s super difficult and expensive for new singers to build a fan base with their original. Reason being that nobody knows who you are and you’re going to struggle to get people to listen to anything you produce.

This is another area where doing covers can help.

By recording covers, you can leverage songs that people already know and love, and use them to build your fan base that you can monetize with Streams of your original songs, concert tickets, Merch, premium fan club and so on.

It’s so much easier to get fans of a hit song to listen to your own version of that song than to get them to listen to your original song.

6. Doing covers can help you find your go-to producer faster

Another big challenge for new singers is finding the right producer to work with.

Unfortunately, you need to go through a bunch of producers to find one that you enjoy working with and can make the type of music you want to create.

This could cost you a lot of money on the process.

By covering popular songs, you can solve this problem quicker and cheaper.

It’s so much easier to work with a producer on a song that they are familiar with than on an original song that they don’t have a reference for.

Trust me. I’m a producer, I know this.

Wrapping up

Those are 6 of the biggest reasons why I think new singers should be doing covers instead of trying to build a fan base with their original music.

If you like the idea of using covers to build your brand and grow your fan base and would like to get started at it, then you’ve got to create a proper plan first.

Having a plan is what will make this strategy work for you and I’ll be talking bout how to create a great plan in my next post.

So stay tuned.

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