4 simple steps to launch a podcast and start making money in 30 days

In my last blog post, I talked about 5 ways independent artists can turn their followers into customers with a podcast.

However, in order to do this effectively, you need to have a strategy in place, otherwise, you may end up with a podcast that doesn’t make you any money.

Fortunately, I’ve developed a simple but super effective 4-step strategy that any indie artist can use to start a podcast and turn your followers into customers as quickly as possible.

I call this strategy P.A.L.M, and in this post, I’m going to tell you all about it.

What is P.A.L.M?

P.A.L.M is an acronym for my podcasting strategy and it means

  • Plan
  • Assemble
  • Launch
  • Monetize

It’s the first letter of all the 4 steps that you have to go through to launch a money-making podcast in under 30 days.


Let’s start with the first step, planning.

Step 1: Plan your podcast

This step is a crucial step of this strategy and one that you don’t want to skip. After all, failure to plan is planning to fail.

It’s all about doing the necessary groundwork and creating a comprehensive plan for your podcast. 

And it doesn’t need to be complicated.

You just need to get these 6 things right.

  1. Define who you are as an artist.
  2. Define your ideal follower.
  3. Design your podcast. 
  4. Create a content plan. 
  5. Decide how you’re going to promote your podcast.
  6. Decide how you’re going to monetize your podcast.

At the end of this step, you should have a podcast plan that shows you exactly what you need to achieve the ultimate goal of creating a podcast that effectively turns your followers into customers.

Step 2: Assemble your podcast

Once you’re done creating your podcast plan, the next thing to do is assemble or set up your show.

The main aim of this stage of the strategy is to prepare your podcast for launch so that there are no hiccups when it goes live.

There are 9 things to do at this stage:

  1. Buy your podcast equipment
  2. Create your podcast production elements
  3. Design your podcast graphics
  4. Set up your podcast recording studio
  5. Set up your podcast website
  6. Set up an Anchor account.
  7. Sign up for email provider
  8. Optimize your Youtube channel
  9. Optimize your Instagram profile

As you can see, there are quite a few things that need to be done before you launch your podcast, and getting these done will help you hit the ground running when you do. 

Step 3: Launch your podcast

After assembling your podcast, the next thing to do is launch your show.

This stage is also very important because having a great launch can give your podcast huge momentum and you could start bringing in money sooner rather than later.

And there are 5 main things you need to do at the launch stage of this strategy.

  1. Build a launch email list
  2. Create giveaway (Netflix for a year to one of the subscribers)
  3. Record trailer and submit to Apple podcasts
  4. Record, edit and schedule 4 launch episodes
  5. Publish and promote launch episodes

Step 4: Monetise your podcast

Once your show has been launched and you’ve published a couple of episodes, the next step is to monetize and start making you some money.

And there are a couple of ways you could do this, but to keep things simple I’ve listed 8 of my favorites below

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Promoting your Patreon
  • Getting paid sponsorship
  • Selling your Merch to your fans
  • Selling features and promo spots to other artists
  • Money from Ad revenue
  • Selling ticket to your concerts
  • Donations 

Any of these methods are a way to get your followers to do business with you and I’ve seen them work really well for many podcasters.

So you could choose one or combine a few of them and see which works best for your music business.

Wrapping up

So there that’s pretty much an overview of my P.A.L.M podcasting strategy.

In a future post, I’ll be diving deeper into each of these steps and showing you what they look like in practice. 

So make sure you’re subscribed to the mailing list to get notified when the post comes out.

Got a question for me about how to launch your podcast, just get in touch with me or leave a comment below. I’ll help you out with any problems.

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