019: How Musicians can Simplify their nutrition with Liam Holmes

Liam Holmes joins us on the podcast, and we talked about what it means to simplify your nutrition, why doing so is important, and he shares some cool tips that can help you simplify your nutrition and improve your overall performance and health on your musical journey.

About Our Guest

Liam Holmes is a performance nutritionist and owner of pH Nutrition. He specializes in sports nutrition, CrossFit nutrition, and optimizing health.

Having originally trained in Sports Therapy, Liam completed an MSc in Exercise and Nutrition Science. he has worked in elite sports for over 12 years and has seen the impact nutrition can have on health, performance and recovery.

Previous experience includes –

  • 3 years at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
  • 3 years at Republic of Ireland national team
  • 8 years at Fulham Football Club

Liam’s philosophy is that of simplifying nutrition. He keeps up to date with the latest evidence but takes this and applies it in a practical and achievable manner.

The majority of his work includes consulting for gym members, CrossFit athletes, and those just looking to be healthier!

Liam loves all cake, golf, a handstand push, an overhead lunge, and my family….not in that order!

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