How musicians can tell stories with Diane Foy

Diane Foy joins us on the podcast to talk about storytelling and how to use it to improve how you market your music and grow your fanbase.

About Our Guest

Personal branding and PR coach Diane Foy empowers multi-passionate artists, musicians, and actors to slide into the spotlight with the impact and income to match.

Drawing on her 16+ years of experience as an arts and entertainment publicist working with the likes of Perry Farrell, The Parlotones, Big Sugar, DOA, Mackenzie Phillips, Robert LoggiaRobb Wells, and Tyler Blackburn, she developed her signature Fans, Media & Industry Attraction Method.

As a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, Diane loves that she can draw on her photography, fashion, and makeup artistry experience one day and her journalist, publicist, and marketing experience the next.

That diverse background allows her to encourage artists to embrace their authenticity, creativity, and purpose as their unique superpower.

Diane is also the host of the Multi-Passionate Artists podcast.


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